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Neck wrap

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Many of you are already fans and have used the body wrap.  I learned about the body wrap in my studies with Linda Tellington-Jones and her brilliant group of instructors and practitioners.  In the beginning of my studies with Linda I was very resistant to the body wrap thinking it wouldn't work on camelids and would be too hard to put on--boy was I wrong on the former but close to the mark on the latter.  I have seen animals that were absolutely out of their minds--and bodies-- become grounded and present in a matter of seconds with the help of the body wrap. It is true that it can be a challenge to put on.  The problem is that body wraps are helpful for animals that are flighty and can't settle, who kick or buck around when caught.  So the challenge becomes putting an elastic wrap in a figure eight around the front and back half of the body. This can be a challenge for a new handler on a quiet animal much less on one that is a flight risk!  It is worth learning how to use a body wrap and with some practice you can get one on and off a difficult animal with minimal fuss. We use body wraps on dogs that are afraid of thunderstorms, on horses that bolt and for many other reasons.  There are about as many ways of putting on wraps as there are reasons to use them. In the last year I have realized another way of wrapping camelids that is really helpful for changing behavior AND this wrap is much easier to put on. 

The long camelid neck makes balancing the head a challenge.  The neck wrap is particularly effective with issues around the head; haltering, oral worming to name just two... but the good news doesn't end there...if you have a llama or an alpaca that kushes, kicks, or is difficult to treat medically try the neck wrap.  Last year while traveling in Australia I worked with a head shy llama that I thought would benefit from a body wrap but the body wrap didn't work for a number of reasons.  Necessity being the mother of invention... I just wrapped the neck instead with the body wrap.  It worked like a charm.  The llama settled down and accepted haltering much more easily. He also led better and stayed more focused.  Since then, I have wrapped necks all over the place and the results are almost always dramatic. The really good news...the neck wrap is easy and safe for beginners to use. 

To put the neck wrap on the animal, roll the ends of the neck wrap towards the center, begin wrapping from the base of the neck and end at just below the ears.  Snap the fastex buckle at the top of the neck.  There will be more space between the wraps on a larger animal but it doesn't compromise the effectiveness of the wrap. The wrap should be snug, but not tight.  When you remove the neck wrap make sure to keep both ends in your hands as you unwind the wrap.  Dropping the ends could cause the animal concern if the wrap dangles around the front legs.